About Love Livvy 2020

"I was painting rainbows with my children during the UK's Coronavirus Lockdown 2020 and from there I couldn't put my paints or paint brushes down" 

Hi, my name is Livvy and I am a Stay at Home Mum/aspiring Artist in Kingston Upon Thames.

I have always enjoyed being creative from painting cards, crafts at play groups to School Christmas Grotto’s you name it I have probably had a vision and when allowed to, will run with it!

During lockdown, like many I had a little more time at home to be less “scheduled” and in effect less busy. Some days I’m not quite sure how this has all happened with two young children but essentially one day we were all sat painting rainbows for the NHS and it just felt lovely.

my team

This is me and my team of advice givers, coffee makers and quality control checkers.
Without these three, Love Livvy 2020 may never have been born.

me aka - Livvy

I listen, I research, I sketch, I paint and I draw. 


He checks my paintings perspectives, encourages, provides ongoing tech support and makes a mean G&T on a Friday Night.

The kids

They look, they ask where they are in the paintings, they bring fun, they paint alongside me and on the whole make for a really fun co-working team.